Case Study

Jonathan Hanna

' I’m thirty years old and I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at the age of twenty one.Spreading awareness of autism is a passion of mine and I feel fortunate to be able to speak about life on the spectrum, in an honest and humorous style '

A  member of our training team is Jon, an adult with Autism. He has completed the Level 3&4  teaching and training qualifications with Halcyon. His personal insight and experience of Autism is invaluable to our training and enhances the learning experience for all who undertake it. With the experience, confidence and knowledge gained through working with Halcyon Jon has recently started an Open University Course and has  ambitions to do a Masters some point in the future.





'through the worst periods of anxiety and aggression, Halcyon has shown us how to maintain a consistent and united front as parents'
– AA

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